CoinDeks review. offer up to 6% every day

Coindeks is a crypto staking platform that makes it possible to earn up to 400% annual passive income in one of the most promising niches. is a decentralized financial platform with DeFi staking system, decentralized exchange, NFT trading platform and lending service integrated.

Combining several independent products in a single interface, developers strive to achieve high system liquidity and increase interest in the product. At the moment, only the cryptocurrency staking system is active. The rest of the products are likely to be launched later. At the same time, if you use at least one of the COINDEKS products, all other services are available to you. The entire ecosystem is united by a single CRYTOKEN token.

Features of the DeFi staking

The Coindeks team has developed software that continuously monitors cryptocurrencies on popular decentralized exchanges and adds investors’ coins to liquidity pools. The system keeps track of the most profitable assets, extracting the maximum profit from liquidity pools. The income received from staking is distributed among the investors.

The advantage of Coindeks is that you don’t need to look for the most profitable pool. The program will automatically identify the most promising pools and provide information about them for public use. At the moment, the following TOP-5 investment products are offered on the website:
• CRYTOKEN (from 27% per month to 1116% per year);
• USDT (from 21% per month to 558% per year);
• KNC (from 84% per month to 2160% per year);
• CRV (from 6.6% per month to 111.6% per year);
• SNX (from 7.5% per month to 90% per year).
The system is designed to make DeFi staking as simple and beneficial as possible for all users.

How to become an investor?

To become an investor, all you have to do is sign up for, make a deposit, select a pool and invest. If you have any problems or questions, it is recommended to contact support at

Before registering and making a deposit, be sure to check the current status of the Coindeks project (“paying” or “not paying”) and reviews of real investors

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