Geniex review. offer up to 2.2% every day

Geniex Group Ltd is a developer of unique software which is used to get profits in cryptocurrency markets. Trading robots created by the talented Geniex team makes it possible to conclude profitable deals on stock exchanges in a semi-automatic mode, earning a lot of money.
Geniex Group Ltd is officially registered in England. The company demonstrates complete openness and transparency for potential investors. This approach resonates with Geniex’s stated mission of making it easier for novice investors to enter the cryptocurrency trading niche.


Among the strengths of the Geniex investment project there are:
• High profitability;
• Official registration of a legal entity;
• High level of cybersecurity;
• Fair affiliate program;
• High-quality support service.
On the official website you can find social links for contacting the administration.

Investment offers

Geniex offers a universal investment plan on the following terms:
• Investment amount: $ 40–100,000;
• Deposit interest: 4.5% per day;
• Deposit term: 33 days;
• Early withdrawal fee: 15%.
The principal return is made at the end of the term. You can fund your internal balance in such currencies as:
• Perfect Money;
• Tether;
• Bitcoin;
• Litecoin;
• Dash;
• Ripple;
• Dogecoin;
• Tron.

Affiliate program

Geniex has a multilevel referral program on the following terms:
• 1st level referral bonus: 4% of the deposit and 7% of the income;
• 2nd level referral bonus: 2% of the deposit and 4% of income;
• 3rd level referral bonus: % of the deposit and 2% of income.
To participate an affiliate must have an active deposit on the platform.

How to become an investor?

To start getting passive income from the cryptocurrency market you need to go to, click on the SIGN UP button and fill out the proposed form. After confirming the specified email address, you will be able to log into your account, fund it in the most convenient way and activate the deposit. Accruals will be made daily in accordance with the terms.

Before registering and making a deposit, be sure to check the current status of the Geniex project (“paying” or “not paying”) and reviews of real investors