Infile App — review on a project with an income of up to 2.5% per day

InFile is a project that is positioned as a revolutionary technology for safe and cheap data storage. According to the information on the official website, the project has been developed for over two years, and only today is it finally launched. Despite the advanced technology, the creators of InFile need additional financial resources to popularize the product. That’s why the company has opened an opportunity for private investors to make money with highly profitable deposit programs. The terms of the deposits are presented below.

Deposit programs are presented to investors as a purchasing of shares in a cloud data storage. Investing money in the “cloud”, a depositor gets a stable income, which depends on the invested amount. At the same time, a leasing of storage to a business generates a high daily profit.

At the moment, InFile offers the following deposit programs:
• No boost. Deposit from $ 50 to $ 2499. Profitability: 1.2% per day.
• Mega. Deposit from $ 2500 to $ 7499. Profitability: 1.5% per day.
• Giga. Deposit from $ 7500 to $ 19999. Profitability: 2.0% per day.
• Terra. Deposit from $ 20,000 to $ 50,000. Profitability: 2.5% per day.

You can invest in the project and withdraw dividends in BTC, TRX, USDt, ETH.

The minimum withdrawal amount is:
• 350 TRX;
• 10 USDT;
• 0.0003 BTC;
• 0.01 ETH.

The deposit is accrued within 15 minutes after the required number of network confirmations (3 for BTC, 12 for USDt and 12 for ETH).

• Daily profit accrual to the internal wallet without days off;
• Fast anonymous registration without personal data;
• High-quality 24/7 support service;
• High level of cybersecurity due to SSL certificate;
• Realistic investment plans and a generous referral program.

As an InFile investor, you can significantly increase your income by attracting new members to the program. The term for accruing bonuses for the 4-level referral program are as follows: 5%-1%-0.5%-0.5%. Also, when a certain cash flow amount is reached, the system automatically credits you with a bonus. In particular, for the first $2,500 you will get a $100 bonus, for $5,000 — a $250 bonus, and so on up to $500,000 cash flow, which is awarded by a $ 5,000 bonus.

1. Sign up for infile app;
2. Make a deposit in a convenient currency;
3. Activate the deposit in your e-cabinet;
4. Withdraw dividends to an external wallet;
5. If necessary, withdraw the deposit.
Please note that If you withdraw the principal earlier than 31 days after making a deposit, then the system will charge you 10% commission on the deposit amount. If you withdraw the deposit later, then no commission is charged.