Kovrita Review (kovrita.io) — up to 3,66% daily income

Kovrita Chain is a hybrid blockchain wallet that combines functions of a payment system, exchange service and investment aggregator. The project was launched back in 2017 and quickly became popular. The official website kovrita.io has been translated into the main international languages, which indicates the multinational focus of the platform. At the moment, more than 100.000 active wallets are registered here. At the same time, judging by the trends, the total amount of transactions will reach half a billion US dollars by the end of the year.

Among the positive aspects that make kovrita.io a competitive offer in the market, it is worth noting:
* Multifunctionality;
* Simple and intuitive interface;
* Wide selection of cryptographic coins;
* Small transaction fees;
* Availability of deposit and referral programs;
* Well-protected online platform.

The kovrita.io team employs specialists from a wide variety of areas, which let diversify sources of income.

Among the key areas:
* Currency exchange. Each client can make an instant exchange in dozens of currency directions.
* Speculative day-trading. The company makes the bulk of money on quick transactions on exchanges.
* Arbitration. An important activity of the fund, where the company generates the great share of daily profit.
* Short-term loans. A promising financial area that becomes especially relevant in times of economical crisis.
* Staking. Earnings on highly profitable cases with prize rewards.
* Blockchain products and services.
Each of the areas stably generates profit, which let the company fully meet its financial obligations.

You can become an investor by funding money to Kovrita’s deposit program. The company promises up to 3.66% of the daily with a deposit period of 1 to 30 days. You can also earn extra money on a 5-level affiliate program by attracting referrals and gettingincome according to the scheme: 50%-40%-30%-20%-10%. The bonus accrual scheme is described in detail on the website.

Kovrita is an interesting product that is worth testing for those who are interested in high-yield investments. At the same time, we recommend not to keep the amount on your wallet, the loss of which will significantly affect your financial stability.