Neavar review. offer up to 7,5% per day

The investment platform specializes in trust capital management and offers its clients profitable investment cases. The company invests in shares of promising pharmaceutical companies, providing a steady cash flow. The profit is effectively distributed among investors as dividends.
The company is officially registered at 50 Basinghall St, London, England. It’s license number is # 13167377.

Becoming a participant of the program, an investor:
• Gets passive income without spending a minute of his time on analytics and trading;
• Enjoy all the benefits of the referral program implemented on the website;
• Invests in one of the most promising and fastest growing sectors of the economy.
At the same time, all registered users get access to 24/7 support in the online chat mode. A telephone consultation will also be available soon.

Neavar offers the following investment cases:
• Profit: 3.5% per day;
• Deposit: 3–499 USD;
• Break-even point: 29 days.
• Profit: 4.2% per day;
• Deposit: 500–1499 USD;
• Break-even point: 24 days.
• Profit: 4.7% per day;
• Deposit: 1500–3999 USD;
• Break-even point: 21 days.
• Profit: 5.3% per day;
• Deposit: 4000–9999 USD;
• Break-even point: 19 days.
• Profit: 6.3% per day;
• Deposit: 10000–29999 USD;
• Break-even point: 16 days.
• Profit: 7.5% per day;
• Deposit: 30,000–500,000 USD;
• Break-even point: 13 days.

A feature of investment cases is that profit is accrued every second immediately after the deposit is activated.

The website has an implemented referral program. All registered users automatically become its members. At the same time, there are several statuses of partners and the corresponding terms for calculating bonuses:
• For all partners: 6%-2%-1%-0.5%.
• For partners who raised more than $ 10,000 in the 1st level: 8%-3%-2%-1%-0.5%. Extra bonus: 150 USD.
• For partners who have raised over $ 50,000 in the 1st level: 10%-4%-3%-2%-1%-0.5%. Extra bonus: 500 USD.
• For partners who have raised more than $ 250,000 at the 1st level: 14%-5%-4%-3%-2%-1%-0.5%. Extra bonus: 10.000 USD.

1. Sign up for;
2. Fund your account;
3. Activate the deposit;
4. Withdraw dividends on time.
If you still have questions about the platform’s work, ask the support service.

Before registering and making a deposit, be sure to check the current status of the Neavar project (“paying” or “not paying”) and reviews of real investors